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High precision, high speed single point presses for precision small components
Civic series
Single Pluger with dual Post Guides 15 to 45 Tons. Speeds upto 1200 spm. Designed for high speed precision stamping of small mass produced parts like terminals, connectors and switchgear parts.
Precision small components

Rigid Cast Iron Frame
The single cast frame resists deflection and reduces vibration. Reciprocating accuracy of Shut - height is kept within 0.002 mm ( 2 microns). Excellent design keeps the machine compact
Dynamic Balancing Device
Dynamic balancer counters the weight of the upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocation. Vibration is reduced to an extremely low level
Four points - Crank Support
Two sets of bearings and two copper bushings are used to absorb force and reduce friction. This new feature enables reduced wear and longer life
Eccentric Shaft
The strength of eccentric shaft is proved to be more than a normal crankshaft. The advantage is lesser deflection and more power output
Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Clutch

Aluminum alloy pneumatic clutch has the advantage of high torque and low inertia. The clutch operates with greater sensitivity and reduces the breaking angle. The design features an easy method of removal of tool jams

Rigid Slide Design

The slide is manufactured with a high grade cast material. This enhances the strength, is lightweight and hence has lower inertia forces. This helps in maintaining the shut height accuracy

Hydraulic Locking Device of Screw

Hydraulic locking device of the screw eliminates the clearance due to backlash and hence maintains the shut height accuracy

Alignment - Plunger & Dual – Guide- Post
The alignment of the machine is maintained by the use of a Plunger which isolates the slide from angular front-to-back movement, and Dual-guide-posts which absorbs sideward trust during stamping
Closed Loop Lubrication System

The closed loop lubrication system is driven by a high pressure pump and ensures that all sliding parts are well lubricated


Computer Screen Control System
Screen displays status of the press
Easy to set up and operate
Braking angle can be programmed to stop slide accurately
Display shows press speed and angle
  Cooling System

Cooling system ensures that the lubricating oil temperature is stable, thus eliminating any thermal expansion during constant running.


In house testing as per JIS Standards ensures that the machine can run at high speeds for prolonged durations with high accuracy of the shut height.

Standard Accessories
Dynamic balancing device
Refrigerated cooling system
Anti-vibration air type cushion.
Motorized slide adjustment
Shut height indicator (0.01mm)
Material lubrication device
Mis-feed joint x 2
Material –end joint x 1

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