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High precision, single and two point press for precision formed, drawn and stamped parts
Saga series
Single / Dual Plunger with dual Post Guides. 35 to 300 Tons. Speeds upto 240 spm. Designed for progressive, manual load and transfer-fed Tools for precision auto, appliance, electrical, computer and mobile phone parts.

High tonnage formed parts

One Piece Construction: Advantages
  • Design flaw of the gap frame is eliminated
  • No deflection resulting because of stamping
  • Parallelism and verticality of slide is maintained
  • Improved stamping quality and prolonged life of the tooling
  • In comparison with original gap frame press, the height of Saga press decreases, reducing the thermal deflection of the frame

Alignment - Plunger & Dual – Guide -  Post
  • The alignment of the machine is maintained by the use of the Plunger/plungers which isolates the slide from angular front-to-back movement, and Dual-guide-posts which absorbs sideward trust during stamping

Overload Protection Device
  • Overload protection device stops stamping immediately to prevent press and tool from further damage
  • Overloading mechanism is designed so that oil leaks directly while overloading

Link Motion
  • Slide decelerates after 120º to reduce the immediate impact of stamping
  • Process time for the material to flow is 3 times more comparable with the standard process
  • Lowers Noise and vibration during stamping
  • Higher flatness of the stamped component

  Oil-Immersed Multi – Disc Clutch
  • German linings, less wear, long service life
  • Lower noise, quick action & less failure rate

Computer Controlled System
  • Brake angle memory to stop accurately
  • Accuracy of shut height display is 0.01 mm
  • Displays press speed and angle
  • Four settings of detecting angle of mis-feed
  • Three settings of batch counters with five data memory

Standard Accessories
  • Material lubrication device
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Inverter
  • Slide adjust motor
  • Link motion
Optional Accessories
  • Knockout device at slide
  • Pneumatic die cushion

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